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GT & Thein Than Myanmar are the trading companies in Myanmar and supplies the Industrial Heavy Machinery Products such as Gear-motors, Electric-motors, Outboard Motor, Gear Couplings, Valves , Electric Heaters, Heat Exchanger, Air Cooling Systems, Actuators, Pumps, Battery, Paver, Lifting Products, Pressure Transmitters, Puller, Cranes & Spare Parts, Batching Plant, Cables & Accessories , Compressor, Battery, Brick Making Machines, Engine, Excavator, Flow Meter, Generator, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Level Measurement, Temperature Measurement, Sensors, H-Bean Making Machines, Muck Spreader, Slurry Spreader, Reach Stucker, Refractory & Raw Materials, Trucks & Rural Developing Projects, etc. Ten-Key Projects with Installation & Commissioning are also be provided. We always focuses to provide the better quality products, engineering solution and serve our bests. Therefore, any your requirement will be our pleasure to serve you at your satisfaction. 

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We always provide the right products, the best price and the fastest lead time, and we always advise the better things. You will have Cost Effectiveness, Excellent Quality, Engineering Solution & Safety on your orders from us. And the warranty we provide is 100% integrity in our products.
You will always have the right things from us because we give our bests to our customer and we keep our words ever.